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You have questions?
Here are some answers.

Without question, interfaces are indispensable for your direct sales. But the human interfaces between you and our development department are really indispensable for your daily work. Robert Hädicke has just joined us as Project Manager in Customer Support and will be this link for you in the future.

Robert has everything you need to provide you with adequate support in your everyday life:As a trained hotel specialist, he most recently worked for over 2 years as a reception and reservations employee in Bad Saarow.He has also worked with our systems – just from the other side. So he understands perfectly what challenges you might have.And if that wasn’t enough, he’s humorous, spontaneous and you can get football tips from him.The current European Championship is almost over, but you never know what you’ll need all that knowledge for again.😉

But let’s cut the intro short.The best way to get to know Robert is to simply introduce yourself.Here are 15 short questions and answers.

  • Are you from? The beautiful Oderbruch. But I live in Fürstenwalde and – like countless other people – I’m looking for a flat in Berlin.
  • Is a day trip there worthwhile for all Berliners? I can’t give a short answer to this question 😉 Because a trip to the Oderbruch is definitely worthwhile. Here you can go for great walks along the Oder and enjoy the idyllic scenery to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Berlin. My recommendation is a visit to the „Theater am Rand”.
  • What’s so special about it? It is a private house and open-air theatre in a beautiful location with a restaurant, in the Zollbrücke housing estate. Traditionally, there are no tickets at the theatre on the edge, the rule is “admission on exit”: at the exit, guests are asked to give what they think the performance is worth.
  • Three words that describe you. … humorous, keen on sport and spontaneous.
  • Hotel experience yes or no? Yes of course, as a reception and reservations employee. I thought you couldn’t start here otherwise. 😊
  • Your last stop? The Hotel Esplanade Resort & Spa in Bad Saarow. Very nice hotel.
  • Why HNS? I have already worked with the systems myself and I was quite convinced.
  • Your goal with us? Help hoteliers to simplify their day-to-day work with our systems.
  • Tech nerd: yes or no? Not yet. But I definitely want to become one.
  • What will be your new favourite task with us? Perhaps the training courses. You can accompany everything right from the start. But maybe I’d rather be the trouble shooter on the phone. We’ll find out.
  • Are you watching the European Football Championship? Of course. I’ve been playing football myself since I was 5 years old.
  • Which club are you particularly fond of? Werder Bremen. My father used to take me to the stadium when I was a little kid and I’ve followed every game ever since.
  • Football above all else or is there still room for more? There’s definitely still plenty of room for sports of all kinds. I actually like to try out everything. Beach volleyball, table tennis or even basketball.
  • As a “tourism expert”, surely you have a favourite destination? Madeira. Without question. Nature is beautiful there. No matter where you look, you are blown away by the landscape. Vienna is also pretty far ahead. The city has beautiful architecture and a lot of culture to offer.
  • What else is on your bucket list? I definitely want to travel to Iceland and do a road trip there. The waterfalls, volcanoes and hot springs must be unique. Canada and the USA are also on my list.

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Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any question
and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.