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A gift
for hoteliers: vouchers.

A gift for hoteliers: vouchers.

Gutschein Shop und Internet Booking Engine

The nicest way to give your hotel away.

Guests love your hotel. Make sure they can share your love too. VoucherBooking 3 is more than just a voucher shop. It is a real joy. For hoteliers and guests. Once set up, VoucherBooking works completely without the intervention of your employees and makes people happy with personal vouchers for any occasion.

How can we wrap the voucher?

Cheer on your gifts!

Draw the visitors’ attention to special offers. Work with countdowns, limited quantities, awards and strike prices. Special gifts thus receive special attention.

Overview is everything.

Don’t just help with the gift search, inspire. With meaningful categories, shoppers can find the perfect gift even faster. How about starting with a category of the most popular and best-selling vouchers? After all, you know your guests best.

Further thoughts on categories.

Classify your offer classically by restaurant, hotel or wellness. Or use the categories to emphasise the reason for the gift: for newlyweds, for best friends, for grandma and grandpa … Create price categories: up to 10 €, up to 100 €, up to 200 € … There are no limits to your imagination.

Exceptionally personal.

Vouchers are popular, but they should definitely be personal. A simple greeting card doesn’t please everyone. With VoucherBooking, guests add their own pictures and individual texts to their favourite voucher. Only one thing always remains the same: the unforgettably beautiful design of each individual voucher.

Fast, faster, mobile.

Sometimes it takes seconds to find the right gift. Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose the right gift on your smartphone, personalise it with a picture and short text and send it straight away? That’s exactly what our new VoucherBooking can do. More turnover for you, a great relief for your guests.

VoucherBooking gives away everything.

Guests can have a complete trip, including selected extras, gift-wrapped for their loved ones. It is possible to offer small events, wellness treatments or simply your unforgettable bathing slippers. With just a few clicks, guests select an item and can configure it in many ways on a detail page.

Vouchers are priceless.

More than every second gift under the Christmas tree is a voucher. Gift placeholders are popular, even far away from the silent days. The value voucher is the top seller among vouchers. VoucherBooking tells shoppers exactly what they can get from you for a given amount. This is not only fun, but makes you want more.

Vouchers are special. Some even more special.

What do guests like? Vouchers for vouchers.

Special promotion campaign or small mishap at the last overnight stay? Voucher codes are a tried and tested way of giving guests a little treat. Depending on the voucher, recipients can redeem their code at VoucherBooking and OnePageBooking.

Paying for something shouldn’t get on your nerves.

Giving gifts is not the easiest thing in the world. Even better when the check-out goes smoothly. VoucherBooking has now optimised this important step once again and made it clearer.

Payment types

Now all you have to do is to choose how the payment works.

Supplementary product

Also an attractive gift for your guests.

With OnePageBooking, the holiday begins for guests as soon as they book. And for you, a whole new chapter as an internet hotelier.

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Included product

Welcome to your hotel’s control centre.

With HotelControl you take control of your hotel on the internet. Gain an edge through data, set smart rate plan rules and keep all the strings in your hand.

Supplementary product

Discover a completely new site in itself.

HotelNetSolutions presents HotelWebsites. The website builder of tomorrow, for the hotelier of today.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any question
and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.