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Manage the internet. Don’t let the internet manage you.


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A good hotelier only knows guests, not users.
This truth is our claim. It is what makes our technologies and interfaces so uniquely different.

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OnePageBooking makes booking an experience for your guests and a success for the hotelier. Link your home to the whole world of travel with RateDistributor, experience how VoucherBooking turns your hotel into a gift and much more.


Fairly human for a booking engine.

Booking on one page has never been so nice: look forward to OnePageBooking 6.


A gift for everyone.

Make your hotel an unforgettable gift: our voucher generator.

MiceBooking - coming soon

A feast for Organisers.

If that’s not a reason to celebrate: discover OnePageBooking for events.


There’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Link to the world the way you like it: the channel manager with rate control.

Other services

Each hotel is different. All products, modules and add-ons can be combined and individually set up.

Secure and always up-to-date – our wide range of payment interfaces for guests worldwide.

Many guests start their hotel search on Trivago & Co. Make sure you are there as well.

Take control of your hotel on the internet. Gain an edge through data.

The own booking portal for small hotel families and international hotel groups with the intelligence of OnePageBooking.

Prove to your guests how good your offer is. The price check compares room prices in real time.

The new, powerful homepage building tool especially for hoteliers. And it’s beautiful too, by the way.

It’s nice when we can give something back: Meetings, webinars and workshops for your hotel team. 

Analyse every move your competitors make and be the first to know: with RateWatch.

Happy clients

Over 2,000 hoteliers have chosen HotelNetSolutions.
Read why.

The Polizzi Collection

"The Guest Journey of this booking screen is one of the best I have ever seen. Still a relatively new product, it was absolutely worth the trust for us. We knew it was going to be good."

Jonathan Lawley, Brand Manager © The Polizzi Collection

Harisch Hotels

"For us, the MultiProperty solution was a must-have that enables us to cross-sell between the individual hotels."

Michael Hönigmann, General Manager | © Harisch Hotels

Chateau Royal

"The decisive factor in our decision to use HNS was first and foremost the possibility of customization to our corporate identity as well as the clear and structured presentation of the booking process for the guest on one page."

Juliane Westphal, Managing Director | ©Chateau Royal


"The ZillerSeasons consist of four unique hotels. In order to meet our demands and those of our guests, we decided to use HotelNetSolutions after an intensive search. OnePageBooking is flexible, modular and very clear. The many functions and the visuals round off the booking experience for the guest."
Christina Binder-Egger, Managing Director | ©ZillerSeasons

Grace La Margna

"The Grace La Margna stands for elegance, glamor and freedom. With OnePageBooking, we have found a modern, intuitive and visually appealing booking platform that suits us and meets our requirements."

David Frei, General Manager | © Grace

Althoff Collection

"We are excited about the simplicity of the operation, the very good exchange with the team and the possibilities to give suggestions for further development."

Angelika Viebahn, Group Direktor Revenue & Distribution | ©Althoff Collection

Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel

"The interface portfolio is huge and the good support was incredibly important to us."

Michelle Janitschke, Executive Assistant | © Bikini Island & Mountain Hotel


"I really liked OnePageBooking right from my first booking. So it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to implement this tool in LIFESTEIL too. And that's what we did."

Janine Scheiber, Managing Director | © LIFESTEIL

The Eder Collection

"A deeply honest, authentic host role full of heart and soul and passion is valued by guests more than ever. That's where online booking that fits the brand vision plays a big role."

Melanie Schacker, Head of Communication | PR | Events | ©Eder Hotels GmbH

Ameron Collection

"An online booking should be quick and uncomplicated. All important information should be easily recognisable and understandable at first glance. All this is successfully implemented by OnePageBooking."

Angelika Viebahn, Group Direktor Revenue & Distribution | © AMERON Collection

Amrai Suites

"We deliberately chose OnePageBooking from HNS in 2020 because we were completely convinced by both the usability and the presentation and clarity!"

Felix Schädler, Managing Director | ©Amrai Suites

Arthotel Blaue Gans

"A good hotelier has a deep interest in the guests of his hotel. From this knowledge, he draws conclusions for his hotel, transforms them into his world and makes them come alive in the hotel together with his staff. However, guests should not only feel this experience in the hotel, but already during the first contact on the website. With OnePageBooking, we succeed in conveying the philosophy of our hotel already during online booking."

Andreas Gfrerer, Owner | © arthotel Blaue Gans

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What our hoteliers say about us:

The Polizzi Collection

Harisch Hotels

Chateau Royal


Grace La Margna

Althoff Collection

Bikini Island & Mountain


The Eder Collection

Ameron Collection

AMRAI Suites

Arthotel Blaue Gans

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OnePageBooking: Ein exzellentes Restaurant erkennt man oft daran, dass das Menü auf eine einzige Seite passt. Warum sollte es bei der Onlinebuchung Ihres Hotels anders sein. Mit OnePageBooking buchen Gäste mühelos ihre gesamte Reise und bleiben bis zum Ende mit dabei.
RateDistributor: Der Channel-Manager für den Hotelier von heute. Kommunizieren Sie mit der ganzen Welt des Reisens. Ein Klick reicht. Übertragen Sie in Echtzeit neueste Zimmerpreise, Verfügbarkeiten und Restriktionen. Vermeiden Sie Fehler und Überbuchungen.
VoucherBooking: Der vollautomatische Gutscheingenerator. Einmal eingerichtet, arbeitet VoucherBooking von ganz alleine und versorgt Ihre Kunden mit individuellen Gutscheinen für jeden Anlass.
MultiPropertyView: Die übersichtliche Plattform für alle Häuser. Ob internationale Hotelgruppe oder kleine Hotelfamilie – auf diesem Buchungsportal finden Gaste unter Ihren Hotels das richtige.
Schnittstellen: Zertifizierte Schnittstellen verbinden Ihr Hotel mit der ganzen Welt. Ganz gleich ob OTAs, MetaSearcher, Yield-Manager oder Payment-Provider.
HotelControl: Die Steuerzentrale für OnePageBooking und RateDistributor. Übernehmen Sie mit HotelControl die Kontrolle über Ihr Hotel im Internet.
RateMonitor: Vergleichen Sie die Preise, bevor es Ihre Gäste tun können. Das schafft Vertrauen und hält die Besucher auf der Buchungsseite.
HNS Academy
HNS Academy: Wir wollen unsere Erfahrungen und unser Wissen für die optimale Vermarktung Ihres Hotels gerne teilen. Am besten an Ihr ganzes Team. Es lohnt sich.
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Termine & Events: Wir leben in besonderen Zeiten. Doch es tut uns allen gut, über die Zukunft nachzudenken und gemeinsam Pläne zu schmieden.
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