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Manage the internet. Don’t let the internet manage you.


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You have questions?
Here are some answers.

What can hoteliers learn from the internet? Little. What the internet can learn from the hotelier? Everything. And that is exactly how we develop our products.

„You can teach people to say hello, but you can't teach people to want to serve people.“ –

Hotelier was never a profession, always a vocation. Service never the extra, but the actual. Something we were fascinated by from the very beginning. The same applies to the question: How do you programme hospitality for the internet?

Over 2,000 individual hotels and hotel groups believe in us. We return the trust with unique hotelier solutions so that hoteliers can market themselves more successfully online, and more importantly, act self-determined. All our software modules are 100% commission-free – by conviction. With OnePageBooking, our channel manager RateDistributor and powerful rate control, you use the internet, not the internet you. HotelNetSolutions is one of the most innovative IT specialists and online marketers in the German-speaking region.

We believe hoteliers are most successful when they can remain completely hotelier. Also online.

We translate service into usability: Especially when booking, guests feel for the first time how the hotel feels. OnePageBooking was the first booking engine that didn't want to be one - rather a conversation. Booking on one page should free the guest from the hassle of clicking from step to step. He suddenly had the whole offer before his eyes, like the menu of a good restaurant. Not only rates and rooms were visible, but also extras, payment, insurance and the thank you for the direct booking. Until today, OnePageBooking is the original. And origin of the HotelNetSolutions brand.

"Hoteliers do not have users or customers, only guests. Sounds simple, but changes everything. It leads us and our customers to very unique solutions."

Pardis Tehrani, Managing Director

What if guests no longer had to click through five or six pages?

Shortly before the turn of the millennium, Pardis Tehrani was involved with IT solutions for the hotel industry. One circumstance caused hoteliers particular concern: the high cancellation rates for online bookings. Up to 40% did not make it to the end. "What if guests no longer had to click through five or six pages," Tehrani wondered, "but could do the entire booking easily and quickly on a single page?" OnePageBooking was born and with it a unique hotelier brand. Us.

Why do we call ourselves a hotelier brand?

Half of our staff previously worked in hotels. We ourselves want to be the place where both worlds inspire each other. The quality of the hotelier lives in all our products. It is what makes our solutions so different. And above all, so successful. In addition to the industry standard OnePageBooking, there is now a whole range of intelligent products and solutions for the optimal marketing of your hotel on the internet.