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You have questions?
Here are some answers.

Our New No. 1: OnePageBooking 6

The first impression?
Even more impressive.

OnePageBooking 6 is brand new, but still the original. Every line of code was rewritten and rethought element by element. OnePageBooking has never been faster, never offered the hotelier so many options and never been so beautiful – across all screens.

Pure relaxation for impatient guests.

OnePageBooking 6
45% faster
OnePageBooking 5

The best thing about OnePageBooking 6?
It is even more like you.

OnePageBooking is the first booking engine that doesn’t feel like an engine. Instead, your guest can reach their destination with just a few clicks. A booking as easy and entertaining as at the hotel reception. This also includes the right approach at the right moment.

Clear the stage for your hotel.

Overview with one click

What’s the most difficult thing for a booking system? Simplicity.

The most important travel data can now be found in a completely redesigned booking line. Whether it’s a business traveller, a family of five with grandma or a choir outing – the booking line is open to everything and always within clicking distance. The booking line is reduced to two puristically designed fields for a perfect welcome.


Calendar dropdown for everyone.

The best calendar is the one you always have by your side. One click and the calendar opens – with all starting prices and availabilities. The selected arrival and departure remains visible in the booking line at all times throughout the booking. Guests who prefer to type in their travel time manually can do that too. OnePageBooking understands pretty much everything, even typos:

– 16 May 2022
– 16.05.22
– 16/05/22
– 16. May
– Day after tomorrow

Choosing guests and rooms is super easy.

This dropdown leaves no wishes unfullfilled – for guests and hoteliers. Your guests can enter the occupancy as they wish for. Intuitively and easily, your guests add additional rooms, can delete them again and readjust guest numbers.

The new overview in the shopping basket.

Everything what guests add to their booking accumulates in the shopping basket. The guest always has the current sum in view. With one click the shopping cart opens and all details become visible.

Reward your guests with booking codes for their direct bookings. Booking codes are checked in real time.

Type instead of clicking: OnePageBooking even understands manually input travel times.

Guests can book several trips at a time for different travel periods with a single booking.

Welcome to the future:
the new calendar

Perspective and foresight all at once. Never has a calendar been so clever and clear at the same time. Guests can now see two months into the future, weather forecast included. If guests stay even longer, the calendar also goes into extension – up to six months.

This calendar grows beyond itself.

This calendar can do lots of things, even say no or hold hands.

A holiday from arithmetic: A tooltip counts the nights for your guest when choosing the travel period.

NEW: Guests can now unlock attractive friendship prizes. And they can do so by providing their email address. Ideal for marketing promotions and newsletters.

NEW: Depending on the length of the trip, guests can now have the days they will possibly arrive marked in the calendar. Ideal for long-stay guests and apartment hotels.

Rooms with great views.

The first impression counts. What takes two seconds has taken us months. OnePageBooking 6 describes your rooms more beautifully and clearly than ever before.

Room cinema already in the overview.

Why show just one picture of a room when you can give guests a whole show. Without leaving the overview, guests now click effortlessly through all the images in a category. This helps with a quick comparison, is fun and saves guests valuable time in finding their dream room.

Answer questions faster than guests can ask them.

NEW: May we introduce? Your sales assistants. Highlight special room offers with the promotional bubbles.

from €326.00
€163.00 per night

NEW: Excellent! Decide whether the room price is shown per night or for the entire stay.

NEW: Take your guests by the hand when they’re booking. This small, clever arrow indicates the next booking step.

Incomparable: our room comparator.

OnePageBooking 6 helps guests find the perfect room. Simply add several rooms to the comparator and you can see the most important differences via column view.

Big small details for the room.

Start with rates.

Instead of rooms, you can also welcome guests with available rates – interesting for holiday and wellness hotels. OnePageBooking 6 makes this entry into booking particularly easy. The new rate overview is a menu and comparator in one. Later, the guest can easily switch between the room and rate view. Particularly clever: even if the guest has selected a certain rate, with one click the rest are shown again.

The new extras.

Now booking becomes a temptation. Our top-
Hotels sell up to four extra items per booking. OnePageBooking 6 now makes your shop window for additional services even bigger, even more beautiful and even smarter.

The console: extra flexible for every extra.

Extra space for images and text.

Guests can take a snow groomer driving licence with you or book a tour of the wine cellar? Then you can also go into more detail with an extra. OnePageBooking 6 is generous and offers hoteliers plenty of space for additional information and images.

NEW: Advertise highlights among your extras and display them in the new meta category

Guests can now book their extras at the precise moment they want

Strike-through prices for currently reduced extras

NEW: Extras can not only be presented with beautiful images, but also
with great icons from our extensive icon library.


Sleep climate-neutral.

Sleeping is even better with a clear conscience. Give guests the opportunity to make their stay climate neutral with just one click. In partnership with ClimatePartner, we calculate the CO2 emissions and neutralise them through certified climate protection projects.

Booking without risk.

Broken leg? Missed your flight? Early return home? Guests book their cancellation insurance at the same time. The system calculates the insurance premium automatically. Partnerships currently exist with ERGO Reiseversicherung (Germany) and Europäische Reiseversicherung (Austria). One less worry for guests and for you.

Booking with effect.

Your guests are only a few clicks away from the booking. OnePageBooking 6 ensures that your guests not only reach their destination safely, also that the booking is unforgettable.

Forms with charm.

This friendly form can even talk. Your guests will appreciate that. Nevertheless: Limit yourself to what is absolutely necessary when concluding your booking. Each field saved increases the conversion rate. Why not just give us your name, e-mail address and telephone number? Why should you make it difficult for your guests with a direct booking?

Many payment methods?
Simply priceless.

Credit card, PayPal, Klarna … With OnePageBooking, guests pay with the payment method of their choice. This makes check-out easier and safer. HotelNetSolutions offers interfaces to the most relevant payment providers. Your guests prefer an interface that we don’t know yet? Talk to us.

Thank you for your booking.

Guests deserve a little reward after a booking. A thank you costs little and helps a lot in the final booking step. Show yourself to be a good host. A direct booking is worthwhile for everyone.

We even think of the non-bookers.

There are numerous reasons why guests drop out shortly before completing a booking. It is important that we offer alternatives: The guest can continue the booking on the phone in case of problems, park the booking and complete it at a later date, add another trip or share their travel plans with family, colleagues and friends before completing the booking.

A feast even after the booking.

Turn your guests into friends.

OnePageBooking 6 makes it even easier for guests to create a guest account. Directly after booking on the booking confirmation page. Why? Tests have shown that this moment is the most effective. The joy of booking still lasts and the guest only has to give a password. But don’t miss talking about why a guest account is worth it:

– Book even faster
– Collect bonus points
– Welcome gift
– News & Offers

Great! Super simple! Already done?

OnePageBooking is the first booking engine that doesn’t want to be one. Guests book with it as easily as at your reception. That is a pleasure, of course. Expressed in numbers, it sounds like this: 98% are overjoyed after booking. This certainly has to do with your hotel, but also a little bit with OnePageBooking.

0 %

Satisfied guests

We also measure bookings in terms of happiness.

After each booking, OnePageBooking asks your guests if they were satisfied. So minute by minute you get an up-to-date mood picture of your online guests. While words of praise motivate the team, critical voices help to perfect the settings and OnePageBooking.

Whether 5-star classic or hipster hotel, computer or smartphone -
OnePageBooking is the One!

Test our demo booking engine now.

Why only one OnePageBooking, when you can have many?

Design a booking mask for every occasion. OnePageBooking 6 now allows you to create your own promotional OPB from any combination of rate and room category.

OnePageBooking has never been so specific.

Now create your own custom-fit OnePageBooking for every target group and every offer. Prove that you know your guests and lace up the most diverse booking pages. How about OnePageBooking for suites only, for your breakfast rate or for both together? A link on your website, an advertisement on Facebook or a WhatsApp message will take guests directly to the customised promotion OPB.

Advertise your OPB promotion with a headline.

Accompany each OPB promotion with a specific video or image.

One click and guests switch to your complete hotel holiday programme.

Package holidays with OnePageBooking.

A golf weekend with a coach, caddy service and full board? Or a detox week for two with nutritional advice, wellness and an overnight stay in a luxury chalet? With OnePageBooking Packages, hoteliers put together attractive arrangements for their guests.

Would you like a little more perhaps?

Treat your guests and offer your arrangements with bookable extra nights.

The booking page for every occasion.

No matter what is being celebrated, OnePageBooking celebrates with you. With just a few clicks, hoteliers can build a booking page for weddings, congresses or events of all kinds. This not only pleases the guests, but also the guests of their guests.

Karin and Mia wedding

Glad you want to celebrate with us! Book your hotel room now. We have arranged a special price for you with the hotel. The wedding is on 1 May and we’re dancing all weekend. Bring your children! All the best, Karin & Mia.

OnePageBooking listens for the word.

A keyword is all it takes for guests to land on their own OnePageBooking page with very special conditions and quotas.

Small talk, big difference.

OnePageBooking 6 can even talk. This way, hoteliers become hosts already on the booking page. Welcome guests with a personal offer, build trust with a price comparison or advise an upgrade.

Conversation increases conversion.

The first booking machine that makes good entertainment. OnePageBooking reacts to the input of your guests. What is natuarl while a personal booking should also be natural while a digital booking. Dialogue creates trust and makes a booking engine a little more human.


Bargain hunters staying here.

Compare prices before your guests can. This creates trust and keeps visitors on the booking page. The RateMonitor opens proactively as soon as the travel period is known. Even with price parity to other platforms, you can win the comparison with a small gift or an extra service. Prove that a direct booking is worth it.

Now with a seatbelt as standard.

If a guest closes the browser window or clicks on the back button, OnePageBooking asks whether the guest really wants to leave the site. Nothing is more frustrating than having to re-book everything. This function also works on the smartphone, by the way, so that not everything is gone with one swipe.

Attention! Attention!

The most important thing always comes first. What exactly this should be, you decide as a hotelier. Use the alert bar and point out your partner hotels in the city, explain the advantages of direct booking or inform bookers about current events. The Alert Bar can be flexibly configured and remains in view of the guests even when closed.

Our recommendation: Upselling.

How about a room in the next category for just a few Euros more? Or with the long-stay option for an extra-long breakfast? OnePageBooking 6 waits for the right moment and offers guests an individual offer at a small extra charge. This means more anticipation for your guests and more sales for you.

We speak fluent airbnbish, paypalish, trivagoish and 120 other languages.

Hoteliers know how important a small gesture is. The art of hosting has always fascinated us. Service is not a service here, it is a vocation: the desire for people, the joy of preparing a home for others and the knowledge of the special moment. What could be more inspiring for our work?

Book Business Class now.

Do even better business with business customers. Set up a bonus programme and create a company booking portal for each company – with defined conditions, discounts and special services. All bookings and bonuses can be managed centrally via a log-in.

Password-protected company booking portal including user administration.

Now guests can collect points, miles and more.

Welcome to the control centre of your hotel.

A powerful booking system needs a powerful control centre. With HotelControl you take control of your hotel on the internet. Gain an edge through data, set smart rate plan rules and keep all the strings in your hand.

Open your own booking portal.

Whether a large hotel group or a small hotel family – with MultiProperty guests will find the right one among your hotels. The interface has been optimally adapted to OnePageBooking 6 and expanded by many functions: new 3-month price calendar, display of rate or room price, optimised map view, more overview, etc.

Reason to celebrate:
the new MiceBooking.

With MiceBooking you used the latest architecture of the OnePageBooking platform for events, congresses and meetings. To this end, we have rethought many of the event booking functions. It is now possible to add any room, regardless of the event period. The customer can either send the booking as an enquiry or complete it as a purchase.

Included product

Welcome to your hotel’s control centre.

With HotelControl you take control of your hotel on the internet. Gain an edge through data, set smart rate plan rules and keep all the strings in your hand.

Supplementary product

Discover a completely new site in itself.

HotelNetSolutions presents HotelWebsites. The website builder of tomorrow, for the hotelier of today.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any question
and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.