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Manage the internet. Don’t let the internet manage you.


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Currently 172 active interfaces and integrations.

We speak airbnbish, trivagoish, paypalish and many other languages. We probably have an equally good connection to your hotel management software. And we get along with your employees anyway.

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Good connections are everything.

There is no lack of vitamin B here. HotelNetSolutions connects your hotel with the whole world of travel. We offer you the right interfaces and direct connections to increase your presence, optimise your prices and strengthen your efficiency. And if you cannot find an interface, we are (a) extremely surprised and (b) already programming them for you.


Get your booking directly from Trivago & Co. on OnePageBooking.

Yield management

Sell at the optimal price on any day.


Control OnePageBooking and RateDistributor conveniently from your PMS.


No matter how guests want to pay, we probably have the right interface.


OnePageBooking & Co are Teamplayers. Integrate marketing and support tools.


Reserve the best seats with the meta-searchers and get the booking directly on OnePageBooking. And all this with full cost control and performance measurement. Let’s face it: there is no way around Trivago & Co today. Take your chance and don’t leave the field to your sales partners.

Yield management

Crystal balls were yesterday, artificial intelligence is today. Mit der Integration eines Revenue-Management-Systems lassen sich die Preisstrategien Ihres Hauses optimieren. An algorithm calculates the rates with the highest probability of selling your house for each day. Durch eine Anbindung an Ihren Channelmanager oder an OnePageBooking können Sie die Preisvorschläge annehmen und direkt für alle Vertriebskanäle freigeben.

“Through Trivago, we get very high visibility and significantly more traffic on our hotel websites. The distribution costs are clearly below 15 per cent, often even in single digits. So the meta-connection has already paid off for us.”

Lars Lindemann, CEO, Lindemann Hotels


Superpowers for your hotel management software. With an interface to your PMS, you can automate work processes and become even more efficient. You only need to maintain your PMS: prices, availabilities and restrictions are automatically transferred from here to all sales channels and OnePageBooking. In the reverse direction, all bookings land securely and automatically in your PMS.


With our certified payment interfaces, you can offer your guests a simple, fast and, above all, secure payment option. The best part? You do not have to limit yourself to one payment interface. Let your guests choose which payment method is best for them.


HotelNetSolutions loves your favourite apps. Chat with your guests on OnePageBooking, send offers digitally, serve guests with the digital concierge, use scarcity tools or put sales on autopilot. Get reinforcements in your team and link OnePageBooking with many exciting apps from marketing, support and sales.

Included product

Welcome to your hotel’s control centre.

With HotelControl you take control of your hotel on the internet. Gain an edge through data, set smart rate plan rules and keep all the strings in your hand.

Supplementary product

Discover a completely new site in itself.

HotelNetSolutions presents HotelWebsites. The website builder of tomorrow, for the hotelier of today.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any question
and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.