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Manage the internet. Don’t let the internet manage you.


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Not sure if Airbnb fits into your sales mix and how to best set it up? We have invited Airbnb to a free webinar. Our partner sheds light on the issue and explains: Who can become a host:in? And for whom is the portal particularly well suited? In addition, you will learn in our partner webinar how to create your profile in just a few steps – easily and quickly.

Airbnb – the sensible extension for your sales mix
24.05.2023 // 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Both hoteliers and serviced flat providers who do not yet work with Airbnb are cordially invited to this webinar. But even if you already have an account and would like to learn more about the setup, feel free to register.

The contents at a glance

That is why you should become a host:

  • Who are the Airbnb guests? What do they expect from their hosts?
  • What is the fee model? What are the general framework conditions for cooperation?
  • What factors are crucial for long-term and successful marketing?
  • What special features are there for hotels and the classic hospitality industry to consider?

This is how the interface works:

  • What does the implementation in the HNS backend look like?
  • What data is exchanged between the systems?
  • Can I do the mapping on my own?
  • How should you set up for room categories and rate synchronisation?
  • How does the communication and check-in with your Airbnb guests work?

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Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any question
and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.