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Good connections are everything. RateDistributor and OnePageBooking currently links up with over 120 partners from the world of travel. Get to know the makers behind the interfaces now, gather insider knowledge and be the first to find out what’s new.

  • Capacity
    60 minutes online training
  • Topics
    Presentation of selected integration partners
  • For whom
    Exclusively for HotelNetSolutions customers
  • Fees
    free of charge
  • Cancellation option
    Cancellable free of charge

AI in the hotel industry.

    What is generative AI and how can it revolutionize guest communication?
  • Date
    24.04.2024 from 11 to 12 a.m.
  • For whom
    Exclusively for HotelNetSolutions customers

Find out what generative AI is and how it is revolutionizing guest communication: This technology knows your hotel intimately, reflects its personality and effectively supports your team in communicating with guests. The integration with HotelNetSolutions enables a seamless transition into the booking engine and the AI helps to generate leads around the clock and reduce the bounce rate. Around 1000 hotels – from well-known hotel chains to family-run hotels with eight rooms – are supported by DialogShift in their guest communication. 🚀 The company helps hotels and their employees to spend more time on what really matters in the hotel industry: great service. 💙

Our partner DialogsShift is a leading company in the field of AI for the hospitality industry, specializing in the development and implementation of advanced AI technologies for guest communication. The hotel AI conducts human-like conversations, writes emails in the hotel’s tone of voice and enables interactions that are fast, in over 100 languages and lead to higher customer satisfaction. DialogShift also helps hotels to sustainably increase their direct bookings and reduce commissions. And of course: data security & GDPR compliance in accordance with German regulations.

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Please fill out the form below. If you would like to register more than one person, please complete the webinar more than once. 

How is the webinar conducted?

We work with Microsoft Teams. As soon as we receive your registration, we will send you a confirmation of participation with the access link.