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Category: Expert View

Expert View

Trusted Supplier at Hotellerie Suisse!

We have exciting news – we are now an official Trusted Supplier of Hotellerie Suisse! 🎉 For those of you who are wondering what exactly

Expert View

AI in the hotel industry

What is generative AI and how can it revolutionize guest communication? Find out in our exclusive partner webinar with DialogShift on 24.04.2024 from 11 a.m.

Expert View

CHECK24 – Here I check everything.

And we check how Germany’s largest comparison portal supports you in selling your hotel rooms. Check24 has long since ceased to be a pure comparison

Expert View

The right tools at the right time

Increase sales even before your guests arrive. This is achieved through simplified and automated processes. Find out which solutions are available and how the different

Expert View

Free Partner Webinar with Airbnb

Not sure if Airbnb fits into your sales mix and how to best set it up? We have invited Airbnb to a free webinar. Our

Expert View

The right time for a digital agenda in hotels

This is a guest contribution by the renowned hotel consultant Gabriele Schulze from marketing4results. The post was written with the support of the chatbot ChatGPT.

Expert View

Digitalisation, yes please?!

Planning the digital agenda is a particular challenge for many hotels. How do you formulate the goals of a digitalisation strategy? And more importantly, how