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Hotel Buchungsmaske

Joy for masters and mistresses, relief for pets – the perfect combination for your next holiday. Summer is here, and the hotel booking mask makes it easier than ever for your guests to book the perfect hotel room, whether you are travelling with your family and/or a four-legged friend. The latest version of OnePageBooking 6 has once again revolutionised the hotel room booking process. Holiday hotels in particular will be delighted that holidays with dogs are now even easier. Find out what else is new in today’s blog post.

The “animal revolution” of the hotel booking mask OnePageBooking 6

Dogs are now officially part of the travel group. With OnePageBooking 6, our hotel booking mask has evolved. Holidays with your dog are easier and less complicated than ever before. The “Dog” field can now be added in the guest dropdown. The booking screen will immediately show you which rooms are dog-friendly. All additional costs and the maximum number of pets per room are automatically calculated and displayed.

Hotel booking mask

This way you can make sure that your four-legged friend is just as welcome as the rest of the family.Other pets are of course also possible – depending on what is allowed in your hotel 😉

What else is new?

Google reviews for better decisions

Good reviews from other guests are worth their weight in gold when it comes to finding the perfect hotel. The OnePageBooking hotel booking screen integrates Google reviews so that you can directly display the experiences of other travellers. In MultiProperty 2 and CrossBooking, you can integrate the Google ratings in the form of the familiar stars and let your guests know immediately that they have made a good decision.

Booking confirmation with anticipation

The trip is booked and ping. The email with the booked trip lands in your inbox. Now there are new placeholders in OnePageBooking 6 that you can use in the design. Ideal if you want to create anticipation for your guests.

  • [roomtypetext] – If you insert this variable, the stored description of the booked room appears at this point.
  • [highlighttext] – You can add the highlight of your room type using this variable in the booking confirmation.
  • [pets] – Adults and children are expelled. Bello and the other four-legged friends now too.

Economy prices loud or quiet?

If a guest enters a voucher code and the room rates per night are reduced, there are two display options: The “loud” variant shows cancellation prices in the room overview, while the “quiet” variant only highlights the discounted price. Try out which variant you like better!

That´s it for now!

These were our new features in July. As you can see, OnePageBooking 6 makes hotel room bookings even easier and more efficient. Try it out today and experience how easy and convenient booking your dream hotel can be for your guests!

Copyright pciture: Unsplash / Brooke Cagle

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Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.