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It’s definitely the best way to give your hotel as a gift. VoucherBooking is much more than just a voucher shop. It is pure joy and offers hoteliers and guests personalised vouchers for every occasion.

Here you can find out why VoucherBooking is so popular, which vouchers are used the most and what our personal highlights are. We have taken a close look at the past year and compiled the most exciting facts and figures about VoucherBooking for you.

How many vouchers were sold?

A total of 320,553 vouchers have been sold since VoucherBooking was launched in 2015. That’s an average of 35,617 vouchers per year and 97 vouchers per day. An impressive figure… But let’s take a closer look at the year 2023. In 2023, a total of 83,624 vouchers were sold by hotels via VoucherBooking. Definitely a lot. The popularity of VoucherBooking is also reflected in the many hoteliers who use the voucher tool.

How often is the voucher shop VoucherBooking used?

VoucherBooking is currently used by 407 customers. Of these, 75 % of our customers rely on the tried-and-tested V2 version. 25% of our customers have already made the decision to switch to the brand new V3 version. It is therefore worth taking a look at the new functions of V3:

  • Emphasise special offers: Limited quantities, awards and strike prices can be emphasised particularly well.
  • Overview is everything: With meaningful categories, shoppers can find the perfect gift even faster. How about starting with a category of the most popular and best-selling items?
  • Exceptionally personal: Gift vouchers should definitely be personal. With VoucherBooking, guests add their own pictures and individual texts to their favourite voucher.

You can find even more new functions here:

What happens if vouchers are not redeemed?

Did you know that since VoucherBooking was launched in 2015, a total of 93,567 vouchers have expired and not been redeemed? This corresponds to a value of €13,968,487. Last year alone, a total of 5,110 vouchers worth € 740,452 expired and were not redeemed. For your hotel, this means that the voucher has been sold, the revenue has been generated and you can sit back and relax.😉

VoucherBooking & OnePageBooking are the perfect match

The fact that 94% of VoucherBooking customers also use OnePageBooking shows that the two tools complement each other perfectly: Guests can not only book their stay at the hotel, but also enjoy their time out even more with the right voucher. Whether it’s a voucher for a cookery course, a massage or a golf course with a personal trainer – as a hotelier, you can customise your selection of vouchers and thus cater even more personally to the needs of your guests.

Did you know that VoucherBooking vouchers can also be redeemed on the booking engine? To do this, both booking pages must be linked in your settings. Our support team can help you find out exactly how to do this and which settings are possible.😉

Which voucher should it be in your voucher shop?

VoucherBooking offers vouchers to suit every taste: DIN A4, digital or the creative craft voucher? DIN A4 vouchers are the classic DIN A4 format. They offer enough space for text and images and are ideal for formal occasions and business gifts. Smart vouchers are the digital all-rounder. Whether as a pdf, by email, on a laptop or on a mobile phone: they are ideal for quick gifts. Craft vouchers are perfect for creative gifts as the vouchers can be personalised.

At 78 %, vouchers in the classic A4 format are clearly the most popular purchases. In contrast, 12 % of buyers opt for the digital option, while 8 % choose the creative way of gift-giving and use a craft voucher.

Print or digital: where is the trend heading?

A clear trend is emerging at VoucherBooking. Of 407 customers, 91 % use both digital vouchers and printed vouchers. 8 % of hotels only use email vouchers and just under 1 % only use postal vouchers. The combination of digital and printed vouchers is therefore the perfect match.

When are vouchers particularly popular?

It’s no surprise that Christmas is the most popular holiday of the whole year. Last year, an impressive 20,206 vouchers were sold in the run-up to Christmas – from 1 to 24 December 2023. That is 24% of the vouchers. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the second most popular times to buy gift vouchers. From 23 April to 18 May 2023, 4,629 vouchers, or 6 % of the total, were given as gifts – after all, surprising your parents with a spa weekend or a barbecue is always a good idea.😉 In third place was Easter. From 20 March 2023 to 10 April 2023, 3,677 vouchers, or 4% of the vouchers, were sold.

This means that almost 34 % of all vouchers were purchased last year for the main public holidays alone. With 70 out of 365 days a year, this already accounts for 19% of the entire year.

No category, but only vouchers?

Offering vouchers for different categories can inspire guests to treat themselves to a massage or a three-course meal during their next break. But what if the guest should have the choice of what he or she wants to redeem the voucher for? Natürlich können die Hotels auch nur Wertgutscheine anbieten: Ob 10 €, 50 € oder 100 € bleibt den Gästen selbst überlassen.

A total of 323 customers use both service and value vouchers. 84 customers prefer to focus on categories and only use service-related vouchers, such as a voucher for a massage. 😊

How many have integrated the top seller?

Out of a total of 407 VoucherBooking customers, 173 customers – or 42 % – have integrated the Top Seller. The Top Seller shows the most popular voucher in the header of the voucher shop. This can look like this, for example:

These hotels are just a few examples of the many other VoucherBooking users. The popular voucher tool is used by so many hoteliers for good reason. After all, vouchers are the perfect gift at any time, especially on public holidays.😊

You can find more inspiration for gift-giving in our demo hotels:


How does the VoucherBooking voucher shop work? VoucherBooking enables hotels to sell personalised vouchers that guests can design individually.

What types of hotel vouchers does VoucherBooking offer? VoucherBooking offers DIN A4 vouchers, digital vouchers and craft vouchers.

How many vouchers were sold in 2023? In 2023, a total of 83,624 vouchers were sold via VoucherBooking.

What happens if a voucher is not redeemed? For hotels, unredeemed vouchers mean that the revenue has already been generated without the service having to be provided.

Can I combine VoucherBooking with other booking systems? Yes, VoucherBooking can be seamlessly combined with OnePageBooking and other booking systems.

What new functions does version V3 of VoucherBooking offer?ng? Version V3 offers improved display options, clear categories and extended personalisation options for vouchers.

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Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.