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You have questions?
Here are some answers.

Our support team is there for you around the clock. Colleagues will be happy to answer any questions and help you with any concerns. Whether it’s via email, phone, or onboarding in a live training session, our team helps where they can. To help you get to know our support even better, today we want to give you a look behind the scenes. Here comes all the support heroes from A to Z at a glance.

Arne – The man with the patience of an angel

Arne is our absolute pole of calm. We are not sure if there is anything that is throwing him off balance. 😉 He would prefer to deal exclusively with RateDistributor and connect new channels for our hoteliers.

If I could eat one dish every day, it would be… rice in any variation and cake or pie.

What I like most about Berlin… The quiet outskirts and the Berlin Wall Trail in the south/west.

My next travel destination is… Krakow in Poland.

Dominique – Always open for challenges

Dominique recently joined us in search of a new role. The fact that it’s a bit more technical than before in the hotel doesn’t bother her at all. Rather the opposite: she loves to find solutions to problems. Perfect prerequisites for a job in our support.

If I could eat one dish every day… When the question comes up what we eat in the evening, the answer would be 95% pizza.

My next travel destination is…
Bulgaria. We fly to the sunny beach.☺️

After work, you’ll find me… taking a relaxing walk with my dog.

Elli – Could give only trainings all day long

Admittedly, not all colleagues are born for training. Elli does. After more than four years, it’s still her absolute favorite thing to do with us. If she could, she would do it all day. No wonder, because she is our absolute good mood queen and loves the direct contact with our hoteliers.

My last destination was…
The Caribbean, more precisely Barbados and Martinique.

Three words that describe me are… Empathy, Humorous and Berlin.

If I could eat one dish every day, it would be… fries! I’ve heard that fries are fried sunshine and make us happy.

Fabio – No day is like the other

Fabio joined us together with Dominique only recently. What he likes best is the variety in his new field of work. No two customer requests are the same. Every hotelier has special wishes and ideas for the implementation of his direct booking. This is exactly what is in Fabio’s interest.

After work, you’ll find me… on my motorcycle or bicycle.

On weekends, my favorite thing to do… is to go out with my wife and dog – for a walk or a city trip.

If I could eat one dish every day, it would be… always something different. Cooking is a hobby of mine and I like variation.

Gabi – With the direct line to the hotelier

Gabi is actually always in a good mood and keeps the spirits high. She always has something to tell, which she also likes to live out in her training sessions. Direct contact with the hotelier is especially close to her heart. In addition, she could get lost in the channel mappings. She loves it when you see successes right away 😉.

My next travel destination is… With a camper to the North Cape.

After work, you’ll find me… At home on the couch.

On weekends, my favorite thing to do is… Be at home or with friends and family. We also like to go to church on Sundays.

Julia – Keeps track of even complex rate structures

Julia carries the optimization gene. Surely she also has a suggestion or two up her sleeve for improving your OnePageBooking. 😉 Many of you will be familiar with her, especially through the webinars. No one can explain challenging topics more comprehensibly than Julia. Perfect for our manuals, all penned by her.

The most important thing in the day for me is… A relaxed morning.

What I like most about my job is… helping people, applying what I’ve learned, being creative and all the super nice customers.

Three words that describe me are…. Imaginative, enthusiastic about learning, hostess

Juliane – Prefers to work with RateDistributor

Juliane could just talk on the phone all day. So it’s no wonder that she is one of the colleagues who can’t get enough of our product training courses. The exchange with our hoteliers is still her favorite. If she had to choose a product, she would always choose RateDistributor.

The most important thing in the day for me is… spending time with my family.

My day at the office starts with… Quite a lot of coffee😉

My next destination is… The daily walk to the bus stop in the village. The big one starts school and is allowed to use the school bus right from the beginning.

Manja – The master of the very big challenges

Manja loves the variety of HotelControl. There are simply countless ways to present a hotel in the best possible way. But her favorite thing to do is troubleshoot when something in the systems doesn’t work the way she wants it to. For me, however, she is and remains our undisputed meta-expert.

What I like most about my job is …
The team spirit.

After work you will find me…
On my bike on the way home.

My next destination is …
the U.S. to visit my sister.

Mathias – Jongliert am liebsten mit Zahlen

Mathias has a soft spot for numbers and Excel. There is probably no colleague who is so absorbed in it. 😉 No wonder his favorite product is RateDistributor. He always tries to make his customers understand how important it is to maintain the rates and thus the connections to the booking portals. Is everything set up properly on your end?

My next destination is…Sicily over my birthday. Hopefully, it won’t be so warm there in October either.

On weekends I like to be… In nature, out with my girlfriend or friends or watching soccer.

Three words that describe me are… Relaxed, bad humor, talkative.

Nadine – PMS interfaces are in the best hands with her

There are few team members who have been with us longer than Nadine. More experience is hardly possible. As one of our original members, she leads the support team together with Sebastian. On the side, she has a keen interest in complicated interfaces and takes care of the PMS connections.

What I like most about Berlin… Lots of culture and nature despite the big city.

What I like most about my job is… That it never gets boring. There are new great challenges every day.

Three words that describe me are… extreme hiking, Netflix, sarcasm.

Sebastian – The man wears the hat

Sebastian heads our support team and is a real all-rounder when he’s not stuck in traffic on the A111. His field of activity is hard to put into words. Organization and planning are right up his alley. In addition, every new interface to a booking portal has to pass his approval. At the end of the day, he does everything he wouldn’t want his team to have to do 😉.

After work you can find me… mostly unfortunately in the traffic jam on the A111 home.

My day at the office starts…
With a coffee, I get an overview of the appointments for the day.

If I could eat one dish every day, it would be….
I could really eat pizza and germ dumplings all the time.

What I like most about Berlin… Nothing, that’s why I live in Brandenburg. No nonsense. Especially as a young adult, I enjoyed the diversity of the gastronomy in Berlin with the casual manner. Berlin is colorful, sometimes dirty, loud but also quiet, stuffy and relaxed at the same time. Many people and cultures enrich this city and now as a father I enjoy exactly this mixture: working in Berlin with big city flair and living in Brandenburg in the idyll.

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Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any question
and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.