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Anyone who has ever entered a hotel room designed by Olga Polizzi immediately recognizes her unique signature. When booking via OnePageBooking 6, guests experience the welcoming feeling of the Hotel Tresanton – before they even arrive.

“If there’s a more elegant hotel in Britain than Olga Polizzi’s Tresanton on the Cornish Coast, I’ve never been there,” raves The Independent newspaper about the picturesque Tresanton Hotel in St Mawes, southern England.

Owner and interior designer Olga Polizzi has realized her dream and designed the hotel into a place where every room tells a story. With the recently launched OnePageBooking 6, guests can now experience a touch of this uniqueness online. As the daughter of the legendary hotelier Lord Forte, Olga and her siblings grew up in a world where hotels, food and travel were daily topics of conversation. As design director, she founded the Rocco Forte Hotels with her brother. Her design visions can be found in luxurious hotels such as Brown’s in London, the Hotel de Russie in Rome and the Astoria in St. Petersburg. But Olga’s true passion was revealed in her own hotel projects – the Hotel Endsleigh in Devon, The Star in Sussex and the Hotel Tresanton in Cornwall.

Jonathan Lawley, Brand Manager at the Polizzi Collection, was looking for a booking solution that was not only functional but also aesthetically suited to the hotel’s special ambience. He found the perfect solution in OnePageBooking 6, which was developed in Germany. “There was simply no alternative that suited us and our requirements so well,” says Lawley. He was particularly impressed by the futuristic design and the attention to detail that went into this booking software.

The introduction of OnePageBooking 6 proved to be the right decision. The hotel is now recording more reservations via its own booking site than ever before. Guests appreciate the clear and user-friendly interface. The mobile implementation of the booking screen also meets expectations at a time when bookings are increasingly being made via smartphones. Another highlight is the “package promotion” function, which can be used to highlight special offers. This provides guests with a clear overview of all available options and encourages additional bookings. The positive feedback from guests on OnePageBooking 6 underlines the success of this initiative. Terms such as “excellent”, “user-friendly”, “clear” and “smooth” are just some of the words of praise that repeatedly appear in the reviews. Due to its great success, Hotel Endsleigh, the second hotel in the Polizzi Collection, also recently went live with OnePageBooking 6.

Image credits: Polizzi Collection

Kristin Letz

As Head of Marketing & Partner Management, Kristin Letz is responsible for internal and external product communication. In our hotelier blog, she informs you about product news, gives you a look behind the scenes of HotelNetSolutions and tells you where you can meet our employees in person.