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The beautiful region of Zell am See is located south of Salzburg and is known for its unique nature: the turquoise blue lake, the panorama on the mountain and the immediate proximity to the glacier describe the special idyll that makes the vacation region so popular. Whether hiking fans, mountain climbers, sun worshippers or those seeking relaxation – the destination is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

If you’ve always dreamed of spending the night above the rooftops of Zell am See, you’ve hit the jackpot with the Sonnberg Alpinlodges. The 12 individual vacation apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, a balcony or roof terrace and a private sauna in the bathroom. All apartments offer a fantastic view over the Zeller See and provide with the stylish interior for true feel-good moments on vacation. As a special extra, the summer card with many discounts is also included in the price.

Why the Alpinlodges came to us and what they expect from the new booking engine, you can find out in the interview with Nadine Parucha.

Why does OnePageBooking suit the Sonnberg Alpinlodges?

“With HNS, we have finally found a booking engine that clearly displays our vacation apartments on one page. For the guest, the booking is made enormously simple and fast. He will be guided comfortably through the booking and in a few mouse clicks is one step closer to our beautiful alpine lodges. When a vacation rental is selected, the selection docks at the top and the guest sees which rooms have been selected throughout the booking process. We are also pleased to be able to offer extra services. For example, the guest can take their own pet on vacation in some apartments.”

What do you expect from the new booking engine?

“We’re clearly hoping to get more direct bookings through our own website and therefore through our booking engine.”

How did you hear about HNS?

“Personally I have known HNS for quite a long time. At that time, there was no large development team and the and the managing director himself was on site to give trainings. HNS knew exactly what software hoteliers needed and what was possible. That excited me from the very beginning. Since we want to take even more steps towards digitalisation with the Sonnberg Alpinlodges, the booking mask is exactly the right solution for us. We asked around in the industry and kept coming across HNS. We quickly realized that this was the partner par excellence in the industry.”

Which features are you particularly happy about?

“We are particularly pleased with the ease of use of the new booking screen and the smooth booking process. The guest sees at a glance what he is booking. The interface to our payment providers works smoothly so that the booking can be completed and paid directly in just a few clicks. We are happy to say: The booking process is simply easy. Not only for the guest, but also for us, the use of the tools is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. The evaluations that are possible via the backend are a big plus for us. We have an overview of all our bookings and can directly see in the dashboard how many nights were booked at what time by whom. We particularly enjoy being so well involved in all the processes ourselves.”

We particularly enjoy being so well involved in all the processes ourselves.” Thank you very much for the short interview. We are very pleased about the cooperation and wish the apartments many direct bookings via their own website😉.

The copyright of the pictures belongs to the Sonnberg.

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and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.