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The location on Lake Constance could not be better: The Seehotel am Kaiserstrand, newly opened since July 2023, is located between Bregenz and Lochau. Whether a time-out with wellness, sports in nature, getting married by the lake or meetings with a vacation feeling – the hotel is the perfect starting point for any event. And if you don’t want to miss the Bregenz Festival, this is the place to be.

With 102 rooms, the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand offers plenty of space for its guests. The light-flooded rooms and suites with a view of Lake Constance create atmosphere and comfort. Guests will find the perfect end to the evening in the bathhouse. The gorgeous location on the water invites you to enjoy the special view with a sundowner. Here guests are closer to the lake than anywhere else.

How the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand came to us and what possibilities the new booking engine offers, you can find out in the interview with Lisa Drexel.

Why does OnePageBooking fits to the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand?

“We have worked with HNS before in other hotels and had a very good experience with the tools. Therefore, it was quickly clear to us that we would also like to use them at the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand. Especially the booking mask fits super to the hotel, because the design was 100% coordinated with us and so fits exactly to our corporate identity.

For us it is important that the booking engine looks nice and is clear. And even more importantly, the guest can easily find their way around and experience a comfortable booking process. Both aspects are fulfilled with OnePageBooking. The fastest booking we have had so far was 1.5 minutes. That’s definitely a big advantage. When we went online with the booking engine, we immediately got the first bookings. So a complete success for us.”

What do you expect from the new booking engine?

“The new OnePageBooking is designed to make booking easier for our guests. If our guests are satisfied, then so are we. We also hope for easy and fast direct bookings through our website. It should be even more attractive for guests to book directly through us than through other portals.”

How did you hear about HNS?

“We have already used the booking engine in other businesses and were totally satisfied with it. At Berghotel Biberkopf, OnePageBooking has already been in use since the opening two years ago. That’s why, when we opened the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand, there was no question about which channel manager and which booking tool we would use. We don’t regret that decision at all.”

What features are you most looking forward to?

“What we like very much and is also gladly used by our guests are the additional services that can be booked right away, such as the family dog or the hotel’s massage. This feature is used by many of our guests, which makes their stay even easier, more beautiful and more individual. For us, the stays become easier to plan, as we can respond more specifically to individual wishes.

Currently we are in the process of setting up the comparator function on our booking engine. Since we have 11 different room categories, this feature is especially helpful. The guest can simply click on his three favorites and gets the selected room categories clearly displayed. Thus, the comparison and selection of rooms will be even easier.”

Thank you very much for the interview.😊 We are very happy about the cooperation and wish the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand many direct bookings with additional services.

The copyright of the pictures belongs to the Seehotel am Kaiserstrand.

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and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.