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The event starts now with the booking.

Meet & Greet MiceBooking.

MiceBooking is OnePageBooking in a celebration mood. As a hotelier, market meetings, conferences and events soon with the performance of our latest OPB. A feast for organisers and a whole new perspective for you.

Calendar with multiple views.

Organisers often have to look far into the future. The new 3-month calendar with useful starting prices helps with the first overview. A click in the calendar marks the day of the event. This new type of selection accommodates the vast majority of one-day events. If the event lasts longer, this can be easily adjusted in the next step.

Up to the minute celebrations.

With just a few clicks, every event goes into overtime. An exact time period can be specified for each event day. This makes calculations more accurate and ensures greater clarity when booking.

Sitting in a square, circle or a standing reception?

As one sits down, so one celebrates. MiceBooking gives event organisers the opportunity to choose from many different seating arrangements. The type of seating arrangement can also be set depending on the number of guests. This already answers the question of what options are available when you enter it.

Save the current booking temporarily, share it with your co-workers or ask for support. Organisers can even add another event to the booking.

Show the organisers what seating arrangements you have available.

Have you put together some exciting event packages? Maybe it’s worth starting with the rates rather than the rooms.

Lots of space for inspiration.

The most important thing at an event? Location, Location, Location. MiceBooking makes you want to book your rooms just as much as OnePageBooking. The large view offers you plenty of space for beautiful pictures, clear narratives and a look at the event rates with the associated conditions.

Well rested: booking hotel rooms.

From the dance floor to bed? No problem. With MiceBooking you sell the rooms for the event at the same time. And it doesn’t matter if Mr Weber stays two days longer, Mrs Krone and her husband arrive a day earlier or Mr Konradi only wants an overnight stay. MiceBooking accepts all special requests for you and also answers immediately: within seconds and with exact prices.

Availability for each period.

Event organisers book the rooms for every event at the same time. And not just that. Already when selecting the period, we show available rooms of your hotel. This makes planning easier and more transparent for event professionals.

Non-binding or binding?

Hoteliers decide for themselves whether the completed event booking should be received as a payable order or as a non-binding enquiry.

Projector? Champagne reception? USB cable?

Give it your all for the perfect event and earn money from it too. As with OnePageBooking, all kinds of extras can be sold with MiceBooking. There are no limits to the imagination: a lunch with regional products, technical support, a DJ for the evening programme, security, whiteboards, snacks …

Different periods.

Guests of the tour operator can now choose whether to stay a few more days or arrive earlier. Any number of overnight periods with desired rooms can be added to each event.

Supplementary product

Also an event: our booking engine.

With OnePageBooking, the holiday begins for guests as soon as they book. And for you, a whole new chapter as an internet hotelier.

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Whether 5-star classic or hipster hotel, computer or smartphone -
MiceBooking adapts!

Test our three demo booking masks now.

Included product

Welcome to your hotel’s control centre.

With HotelControl you take control of your hotel on the internet. Gain an edge through data, set smart rate plan rules and keep all the strings in your hand.

Supplementary product

Discover a completely new site in itself.

HotelNetSolutions presents HotelWebsites. The website builder of tomorrow, for the hoteliers of today.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any question
and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.