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You have questions?
Here are some answers.

The most attractive website your hotel has ever had: ours.

With OnePageBooking, do I still need a website at all? Good question. And we hear it more and more often. There has never been so much space for details on a booking page. Nevertheless, you have to have your own hotel website. Even more so when it comes from the makers of OnePageBookings: the website construction kit that doesn’t look like a construction kit – but like you.

The stage is yours.

Transform this beautiful template and build something unique from it. Choose your own fonts, colours and combine dozens of modules with a wide range of functions. All carefully and lovingly designed by our designers. Let pictures tell the story and seduce with words. Experiment with videos and bring your hotel to life.

Your rooms look impressive.

The detailed view for categories gives you an unseen panoramic view with large image areas and carefully placed content. Show guests what to look forward to and provide all the important information right away.

Pleasant anticipation pre-programmed.

OnePageBooking now begins on the homepage.

Honestly, we love the simple “book button” on the website. But we also understand that hoteliers want more. But instead of experimenting with different date pickers and guest menus on the homepage, hoteliers can integrate the original booking line of the new OnePageBooking 6 as a QuickBooker on their own website. This makes the transition to the booking engine perfect – for guests and your conversion rate.

Supplementary product

Plus the best OnePageBooking there’s ever been.

With OnePageBooking 6, the holiday begins for guests as soon as they book. And for you, a whole new chapter as an internet hotelier.

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A picture of a hotel.

Pictures live up your hotel’s website. They increase the excitement of the journey. The gallery module can also be used in several places. Take guests on a journey to your hotel, the nearby surroundings with your pictures or use them to introduce your entire team.

Show something special in an especially attractive way.

Inspire guests with your offers, arrangements and packages. The Highlights module puts everything in the spotlight for you with lots of pictures. Practical tags mark the individual offer and help guests to classify it quickly. Choose a good title, add a short description and of course a price.





Hundreds of different icons make a website even more impactful.

How to celebrate events.

An invitation for organisers. Position yourself as an exclusive host for company celebrations and conferences. The stage belongs to your premises and event packages. The perfect complement to MiceBooking.

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Leave the explaining to your website.

The flexible comparison module brings the differences between your offers to the point. Organisers will find the right answers before you even have a question. This makes you the perfect host already on the website.

Reason to celebrate:
the new MiceBooking.

With MiceBooking you used the latest architecture of the OnePageBooking platform for events, congresses and meetings. To this end, we have rethought many of the event booking functions. So it is now possible to add rooms completely independent of the event period. The customer can either send the booking as an enquiry or complete it as a purchase.

Clarity is also service.

Guests should have everything but question marks. Bundle practical information on travel, contact options or FAQs on a separate page. Help your guests to answer questions themselves. This pleases guests and especially your team.




Why praise yourself when others can.

Almost 70% of guests read the reviews of other guests before booking. Every second person writes one himself after the stay. Your hotel’s guestbook is more important than ever. Motivate guests to tell about their trip and respond to comments.

The features at a glance.

Large on small screens.

Your website is as smart as your guests’ phones. No matter what device, HotelWebsite shines in any size.

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Supplementary product

A gift for hoteliers: vouchers.

Today more important than ever: VoucherBooking is the fully automated voucher generator. It allows guests and friends of the hotel to make a gift of their favourite hotel. Once set up, VoucherBooking works almost by itself and provides your guests with individual vouchers for any occasion.

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Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any question
and look forward to hearing from you.

Aroused interest?

We are happy to answer any questions and look forward to hearing from you.